Monday, December 17, 2012

A Little Paint

I'm officially in my home :) The process and closing went quickly and efficiently. Papers were signed, key was passed over. And without much climax, that was it! I was a real adult, a home owner! Sadly Mom and Dad had met Kattie and Asher in Phoenix to spend a week with Oliver for his birthday. So I did it alone and got no pictures of that critical act. I'm not going to lie...I had my doubts...there was a part of me that secretly kept hoping it would fall through. I kept building a monster in my mind...yet whenever I came to the house to measure, to inspect repairs, to just make sure...I felt calm and sure about it.

In a whirlwind Dad, Mom, Kattie, and Asher came home and directly set in to helping me make this box mine. Putting my mark and claiming these walls. :) First things first, we shampooed carpets (not with any intention of keeping them intact upstairs, but to reuse them downstairs to add a little warmth to the apartment) We borrowed Ashley's shampooer and it worked like magic! The carpets actually turned out great. Once that was done we got to laying drop clothes and buying the colors I had chewed on for the last 7 months :) Red Delicious for the Family Room, Jungle Trail (green) for my bedroom, and Deep Storm (purple) for the sewing room.

At first look the paint almost appeared fuchsia...which was quite unnerving...but we put on a brave face and went ahead anyway.
I took the inspiration for the color from a rug Mom inherited from Great Grandma Walters

I love this green!!! It's like laying in a cool, dark forest. Everything in this room feels so good to me :) I even opted to keep the original lace currents after we got them washed.

This job seemed like it would never end! If I hadn't had my helpers I would probably be curled up rocking in a corner somewhere :)

Asher was good as gold...for awhile hehehe. I liked having him around even if it was a distraction for a bit...but when he started playing with all the exposed power sockets we decided he better head back to Nana's to stay safe :)

My dad never ceases to amaze me :) He don't need no stinking knee pads! :)

This is three coats of paint...I lived with it for a few days while we did the floors...but in the end I knew I needed to suck it up and do one last glad I did!

They were diligent and worked non-stop....even when I couldn't help because I was at work. They are so amazing :)

Not exactly the grey, stormy color I was hoping for, but it's actually quite cheerful and it'll do for now :)

And so the improvements began and the transformations have been quite changing :) Just wait til you see what we did with the floors! :)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fresh Start

Last post was about my first love....but we all know, most first loves can't really last in real life *sniff* so we try to put on a brave face *whimper* and we have to keep moving forward *sob* and try to learn to let go ..... baaahhhh waaaaaahhhhh.

I won't be getting that house after all  After 3 1/2 months and finally a little action from the banks, we learned that Bank of America sold their 2 mortgages (of the 3 that is on the house)...which basically meant we were starting completely over, with a no-name institution, that outsources, and cuts agents commissions, and sits their cases on the shelves for ages. That was absolutely heartbreaking to me. I haven't been a very nice person the last couple weeks.

I started looking at new houses (not new builds, mind you...those are not for me) and I really did try to go in with an open mind. I went through plenty, drudging through with a bad attitude and broken heart. Then I finally came across one that we all thought was a pretty good house for a pretty good price. It was similar in style and age as my Beloved, a little smaller, not near the charm or update, but a good, solid house that I could turn into my home. So I made the offer. All that night I tried to walk through this new place in my head, but I struggled with meshing it with my Beloved. I feared it was too old, too small, too cold.

Then I got the counter offer, got some numbers from my mortgage broker, got the estimated monthly payment amount...and almost crapped. But here's the thing.....this house comes with a build in answer to the prayers I've cried for the past several months. You see, my Beloved would have cost just as much in my monthly payments (which I hadn't quite realized). My Beloved would have dragged me down and drown me in debt and projects. We would have never lasted, my Beloved and I. But my new love and her built in blessing can help me make this house my home. She can help me prepare her for the rest of our life together :) My new love has a basement apartment.

While this is not ideal, not the dream I've had for years, it's going to allow me to purchase a house that's above my budget, update it the way I want, and make her beautiful and Tyia-fied. And if the living arrangement is really tolerable, I could keep renting the downstairs have her paid off in about 1/3 of the time of my loan :) I mean think about that! So here I am, with all the house I want (if I chose to take it all back in a year or so), or a chance to become quite free from huge payments :) If only I'd have done it 10 years ago hehe. (But oh, the life I've lived...wouldn't trade that)

So that's the plan....with any luck she'll be mine before Thanksgiving (when I shall have more to be grateful for than I have since Smash).

We went back again yesterday to take measurements and pictures, and to give me a little more peace of mind. And I started to fall in love with this friend :) Don't get me wrong, she needs some work from me to make her mine, but she's solid, she's clean, she's going to be spectacular :)

So without further ado, madams and sirs, your tour :)

Just leaving the house and headed to the office to make my offer :) I'm scared, I'm sad, I'm excited, I'm  a million things :)

Mom's explaining how the afternoon sun will be on the other side so I can have BBQs out front, Dad laughs and says I can have them out back, but I'm thinking yay for washing my car with no streaks!!! That door there will be the entrance to the basement apartment.

Once you come through the entry, here is the family room. Can't wait to get some red pain up and rip out the carpet to discover the shape of the hardwood floors :) Door on the left is a deep closet, door on the right heads to the backyard.

I'm standing at the backdoor looking back toward the entryway and hall. That wall will hold my new entertainment center :)

Here's looking back toward the entryway. Beyond that arch is a coat closet on the right. It's a nice little cubby in there. Can't wait to decorate it. Then these two pony walls break up the family room from the hallway. On the left will make a great puppet show stage!!! The one on the right has a planter in the top, the cupboards might hold some's an interesting art deco piece hahaha...again, a little paint and clever decorating and it will be great :)

Here's another view of the planter wall. Then  you go in to the kitchen...notice how that door closes, as does the other door which means when I burn something the whole house doesn't have to smell hahaha

The Kitchen...not in love, but lots of potential. Cupboards need some trim and paint. Floor is livable for now, but will be a black and white checkered floor someday. No dishwasher, so might invest in a portable. But plenty of space and plenty of potential :)

Other view of the kitchen. That door can be locked, which locks off my living space  to the tenants.  The door beyond is their entrance
Bathroom is hilarious. The tile is sea foam green...which isn't what I'd pick, but I'm kinda stoked to work with it for a few years. There's not a shelf or cupboard anywhere which means I'll be getting a vanity for makeup hehe. 

But the tub! The tub is great! It's deep, it's not too long, and Mom's glad it has an old lady bar so she can get out hahaha. Still has the original knobs :) I got in it, it fits me just fine. And I can get creative and come up with some storage under the sink.
This will be my bedroom. It'll take some getting used to to have such high, shallow windows. I have to get on tippy toe to even look out hehe. But I kinda like that now...means I walk around nudie and no one gets to see :D It's a great size room. The floors are worn, but I like the character that adds. This is the only room where the floors are seen, which means I could potentially have my hands full redoing them throughout the house....fingers crossed that's not the case.

Next door is the art room. Light green carpet, which I like :) Great lighting.  Needs paint,  but I think a lot of beautiful things will come from this room!

Hallway with built ins!!!! Not only one, but two!!!! Again, ripping up the carpet, putting new knobs and hardware on these guys, a little paint and this hall will put some pep in step every morning heh heh heh

Ok, so now we head downstairs to the dungeon muahaha....or rather, my money maker, baby! Again, this door can be locked off and here's where the tenants can enter.

This is still community space. Eventually it will get some checkered floors to match the kitchen :) And some paint on that awesome paneling, but for now it's just fine. And YES!!! I do get to keep the washer and dryer!!!! So so so excited about that!!!! That door on the left will go in to my private storage - holiday decor, etc. Then the door straight ahead is the apartment.
When you walk in and look to your left you see this awesome kitchen! hahaha. Ok, so go backward real fast. I'm actually going to swap out the appliances with the ones upstairs. I'm in love with the green ones!!!! And honestly they look newer and in better shape than the upstairs set. I'm loving them!!! So then down here will get the whiter, "newer" ones. I'll try to find some more cupboards or something and a microwave to make it a little better. But really, it's not a bad kitchen if you aren't in to cooking, which plenty of people aren't.

Here is the family room. The carpet looks outdated, but it's really in pristine condition. Renters might not appreciate it, but I actually quite like it :) So it's staying for now. We're still waiting to see if I can keep any of the furniture (the appliances all stay) It's a little small, but really, not a bad space.

Now the bathroom....ok, I'm trying to be open minded....I'm seeing classic framed art of James Dean and Marilyn Monroe to help this space....hehehe...maybe a zebra shower curtain? You have to admit it's kinda awesome, even if it's not quite my style :) 

This is the faux doesn't have a closet so I can't call it a bedroom.....yet. Tina informed me that all I need is hanging space....yeah, like a curtain rod in the corner. And viola! It magically becomes a bedroom. Now, I HATE the cold floor. With any luck I can reuse the carpet from the upstairs family room down here to add a little warmth. But again, working on a budget and while I'll do everything I can to make it great for renters, I have to be realistic the first couple of years. Gotta start watching for oops paint at Home Depot...

Doesn't look like I took a picture of the second's just like this one, only it has a closet,...a real closet...walk in actually :).....but again, ice cold, needs love.

From the family room is this view of my COVERED PATIO!!!!! I'm in love with this space! It's huge! It's happy! I love it! That door there goes in to the garage, so that will be where I come in the house from most of the time. Which means it's my own private entry way which means I'm going to make it so mine and so awesome!!!!

Here's my I know what you're thinking ... "Ty you always swore you wouldn't get a place that didn't have huge trees" I know, I know...BUT...the thing is, my view is actually pretty comforting (I'm really hoping I still feel that way when it's all barren ice land and scorching sunshine and not perfect autumn) But seriously, there are a lot of surrounding trees....and I'm looking at this as a blank canvas. The yard is huge, I get to plant what I want where I want. And in the meantime I actually do like what I have to see. And my covered patio gives me plenty of shade and protection. So really, I am pretty excited with my yard :)
Yeah...huge :) I'll need to re-fence in the next couple of years, but at least it will work for now...just have to put up chicken wire between the slats so Ivy and Sadie are safe. Oh and also! Tons of doggy if I end up borrowing a barker, I'm really not too worried about it :) I think I'll like my neighbors :)...Pretty sure a bunch of gross bachelors live next door hahaha....and there's a church literally across the really, not a bad neighbor at all when you think about it :)

Did I mention how excited I am about my patio????? :) And did I mention how huge the yard is? much work, I know :) But so much wonderful potential too :) Can't wait to start making memories out there :)

Small side yard. Other side is large enough to easily park a down the road I'll have concrete put in...once I have something to park there hehehe. But I think those shade things are pretty cute...grandma cute :) And they'll keep me cool :)

Last shot of my front entry...where you are always welcome :)
 So there she is :) With any luck I'll close before Thanksgiving, I'll take a little time off for some quick paint jobs and get as settled as possible. But there are no restrictions anymore :) Now it's all on my schedule, at my pace, and nothing will bother anyone :) I'm really trying hard to not get too attached this time around...but I really don't see anything that could go wrong *knock on wood*. Biggest decision of my life. Most stressful experience I've ever been through. My chin will be glad when it's all over and it can stop breaking out!!! But once those keys are in my hands, the fun really begins...a new kind of stress, but a very manageable one.

I'm so grateful for the support I've had. My parents have been indispensable  They have given up so much of their time house hunting with me, listening to my plans and ideas, holding me while I sob and lost everything I had built up, and continue to support me all over again. Not to mention the fact that I have been dwelling, very messily and stressedly under their feet for the past 6 months. They are amazing!

Tina, my realtor has been so patient and amazing. She's humored me, counciled  me, urged me, guided me, educated me. She is seriously an incredible woman. I am so blessed to have her next to me through all of this.

My siblings have been my cheering section. They have been there every step of the way to feel the excitement, the heartache, the plans. I can.not.wait. til they get to walk inside for the first time. I can't wait to have them as guests, be their hostess, sit at the kitchen table reminiscing  laughing, talking and playing...doing what we always do :) I can't wait to make them things in my art room, all the little plans and ideas I've carried in my head for them until I had enough space to bring those inspirations to life and send them to their homes.

I love how much I've pulled from other amazing women in my life. As I pick out colours and decorating ideas, remodel plans, and unnecessary projects I have 3 Korpelas sitting on my shoulder helping me...they don't realize how much they inspire me :) They took me into their lives, which took me to the most magical place I've ever been. I'll do everything I possible can to recreate their essence in my home. The example they have set for me of what a single woman can do is priceless. They have given me the strength and courage to become who I am. There are not words to describe what this family has given me. :)

Anyway, sounds like the bloody Grammy's or something...haha maybe I'll hang my portrait in the pink Hollywood bathroom bahahaha...but you get the point. As lonely as I feel so much of the time, I'm never alone. I'm surround by love, strength, support. I would be nothing without everyone, not everything, around me. I forget that too often. So as I start this new chapter I'm doing it with a new's kinda like a phoenix for me. My heart broke over my last house, but from those ashes is coming a new opportunity and I'm getting really excited :)

So thanks for letting me rant and rave...thank you for being someone special in my life that is helping give me this gift. I'm going to go pick out paint colours now so that soon I can have you over for tea ;)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The first real candidate

And by candidate, I do not mean the impending presidential election...ick.

No, no, this is much more fun :)

My first house!!!!!

I've been threatening to do this for years, and I'm now at a point, financially at least, that I am able, in fact that it would be foolish not to. With the economy the way it is I can't afford to not take advantage of the interest rates right now. I've already been pre-approved for my loan. I've also qualified for a grant for my down payment because I'm a first time home buyer.

Of course the very first house I went to see, I fell in love with and wanted to make an offer than and there. Fortunately, my fantastic realtor just smiled and nodded, patted my head and urged me to see a few others first. Once we were done getting that pesky chore over with I made Dad immediately meet us at the first house to get his "dad" approval. Once inside he gave me a sideways glare, went downstairs, and quickly (and I must, grudgingly, admit wisely) squashed all my hopes and dreams. Turns out I fell in love and love is blind :) Aren't dad's the best thing ever!!!

So after a couple of days of licking my wounds I bucked up and went on the hunt again. This time nothing screamed my name. And I was a little more careful to look for small details such as level floors, windows less than 100 years old, storage for my millions and millions of things, usable space in the basement...ya know...the basics :)

Anyway, I think I've found one that I can really be happy don't get my wrong, it's not a perfect mansion, it's not a vintage charmer needs work....a lot of work. But it's work I can do. It's got great bones, tons of space for me and room to grow if I chose to go that route. It was a rental and it is a short sale. The hardwood floors are in great shape, but the tile floors are even glued down to the floor anymore. That's ok though, because I'm not a fan of tile so I would have ripped them up anyway.

The walls have holes (most have surprisingly been patched by the tenants) and every inch needs painted. Again, something I was intending to do no matter what.

The yard is huge so I can do a lot with it. It has a couple apple trees. It's got a great place for my chickens. There's no sprinkler system so that's a project Dad and I will try to take on next year with any luck.

I also want to knock out an archway in the wall between the family room and first bedroom (there are 5 bedrooms so don't worry haha) This will be turned into a living/dining/library/piano room....basically a formal spot for most of my books and heirloom piano and I could have a nice dinner in there if I ever get nice people to come over to eat :)

Anyway, I won't get too detailed oriented and bore you with all my plans....I still have 2 more houses to see tomorrow and even if (when) I do put an offer on this one it will still be pending bank approval...and rumor has it this whole process could take a very long time. But I am so ready to get things rolling. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves, get a little dirty, and get a little in control of my life and all that is attached to it :)

So without further ado, come take a tour of my hopeful house :)

Family Room - can't, for the life of me, decide on a color.

Kitchen - deciding between reddish and cream checkered vinyl tile floors or slate looking vinyl.

I love the backsplash tiles and corner sink! So much potential!

That door goes to the backyard - cat door will be replaced with dog door...we don't mess around here.

First of 3 bathrooms...that's right....3...anyway, tons of bathroom storage! There's even a mirrored medicine cabinet to the left so I can see the back of my head :)

This is the multi purpose room - the wall on the right is where there will be a big arch to get into the family room :) I'm thinking a dark bluish grey in here...will look awesome with all my Alaskan relics!

Hallway with more storage. That pink room Mom's going in to will be my sewing room...2 windows and great light.

Master bedroom with decent closet space...needs some updating but great for potential and starting off.

Master bath...without the bath's really just a toilet and sink, but it's in the master's perfect! And really cute....I want slate floors and deep teal walls :)

Washer Dryer on the left. Then that dark space has a door so it's perfect for storing  my harvested garden whether I  bottle it or it's just lose potatoes, squash, onions, etc. Then in takes a right and keeps going under the stairs.

Access to the downstairs tub...ya know, just in case haha

Huge yard!!! Big maple on the left shading my huge patio, 2 apple trees on the right. That shed is giant and it has a dog run wrapped around which will be perfect for the chickens. Then a huge play jungle gym for my childlike fantasies....or company haha

This is the shed...see? Told you it was huge!

I'm standing at the shed so this gives you another idea of the size of the yard...yes, I know I'll have to water and mow it....:)

Here's the single's deep with plenty of space for more storage.

I can throw some shelves in right there...also, yes, that is a chimney. No, there is no fireplace, but there is a chimney hole downstairs so maybe someday :)

Sideyard....if I'm lucky I might be able to fit a little pop - up trailer there.....or maybe I'll splurge on a real trailer and just store it down the street and Aunt Patrice's :)

Other side yard...envision my raspberry patch here if it gets enough sun....I'll have to keep an eye on that...